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Our Story

Our story begins, like many others, with an introduction from mutual friends.

Our friend Ife introduced us one Sunday afternoon after church. It was just in front of the main entrance – Medan took notice of Jo as he had seen her on stage as a part of the worship team, while Jo noted his suit.

A few weeks later Medan got a call from Ife on a Sunday. They greeted each other, and then, as per usual, she asked about his dating life. Later she got to the reason she had called – a chance to meet with friends and eat pizza on a Tuesday evening.

The next day, Jo got a similar message from another friend, Tsega. The plan was the same, to meet with friends and eat pizza on a Tuesday evening. She could not confirm that day, a bad cold plagued her, but would confirm on Tuesday afternoon.

All seemed to be going according to plan, and the 5 involved, Ife, Tsega, Jo, Medan and another friend Temesgen, all got together for pizza, tea and loud conversation. It was seen as a great evening by all with a general agreement to do it again. Medan started getting everyone’s numbers, and we left all smiles.

Despite the fact that Medan didn’t fully understand what this was at the time, Jo was quite aware as she had been talking about such things with Ife and Tsega. She didn’t quite expect it at this time though!

A week later Jo, Medan and Tsega planned to meet again. Tsega, however, was running late, and so joined us later in the evening. This gave us time to talk one-on-one, and get to know each other better.

After this initial beginning we became friends on Facebook and started to chat regularly while Jo was in Doha for a Christmas break. After she got back from Doha she had to go to Sodere for a conference. During this time we continued to text each other but didn’t get the chance to meet. Afterwards Medan asked Jo out on January 2, 2016, and we started dating.

Throughout the dating time we had many adventures as we experienced and celebrated our cultural differences, and enjoyed our time together. We dated for more than ten months and really felt that God was always guiding us and helping us to become closer to one another. And then on October 7, 2016, Medan proposed and Jo said yes!!!

More than anything, we acknowledge the hand that God has had in our relationship helping and encouraging us to grow together and honour Him in all that we do.

We are so excited for the next step of our adventure together, and we look forward to having you there to join us!

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Jo mostly considers herself a Southlander (complete with the “Southland R”), so she and Medan will tie the knot in Invercargill, New Zealand

The ceremony will be held at the Invercargill Christian Centre, 165 Leet Street, Invercargill. This is a very central location in Invercargill and near to the gorgeous Queens Park – which may be nice for a stroll after the ceremony.

The reception and dance will both be held at the Ascot Park Hotel, cnr Tay Street and Racecourse Road. This is on the western edge of the city, on SH1 out of the city.

You can also book accommodation at the Ascot Park Hotel for easy commuting after the dance. Just quote “Wallace-Wodajo Wedding” to access the discounted rates:

Motels -$100 per night
Classic Hotel – $125 per night
One bedroom Apartments – $150 per night
Each are single/twin share with an additional charge of $25.50 per person for extra people in the room.

Some rooms are held, but must be booked before June 10 or the held rooms are given to the public.

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It’s a Winter Wedding, so the times are scheduled to catch the daylight hours 🙂

The ceremony begins at 1pm at the Invercargill Christian Centre (see the Location tab for additional details).

Following that will be a short afternoon tea before the wedding party leaves to take photos.

The reception begins at 5pm at the Ascot Park Hotel.

The dance follows afterward at 7.30pm in the same location.

If you are invited to either the reception or the dance, please RSVP using the instructions on the invite if you live in New Zealand, OR email us at wallacewodajowed@gmail.com if you don’t live in New Zealand.



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Gifts are a love language for many people (including Jo!) and as such we thought we better be direct about what that will look like for our wedding.

Following our marriage, we will be returning to Ethiopia to live. And because we plan to fly (rather than take a boat), we will be limited in what we are able to bring back with us to build our home together in Ethiopia.

Therefore, we would ask that if you would like to give us a gift, cash money is the best way to bless us on our adventure together. This money will then be put towards purchasing the necessary items in Ethiopia to set up our home, as well as towards our honeymoon. There will be a form of ‘wishing well’ at the reception to deposit any gifts of this sort.

In addition, we would love for a few of our dear friends to come from Ethiopia for the wedding (one of whom is a bridesmaid!). Sadly some of them do not have the funds to purchase flights and to pay for visas to get to New Zealand (which can be at least $2500NZD). So, if you would like to put your gift towards that purpose, you can deposit money in the account below, with a reference of “J&M Ethiopia” and we will be sure to use it for this purpose. For non-New Zealanders, you can send us money on Paypal – details below.

J F Wallace 06-0925-0360462-00

Paypal – ritzy_rocky@hotmail.com

Thank you for blessing us and for being flexible with our non-traditional requests.